Historical Fiction Survey – where readers find recommendations


Readers provided their favourite digital and non-digital sources for book recommendations. I am very pleased that the Historical Novel Society will soon publish information and analysis about digital sources; in the meantime, here are results for non-digital sources:


  • The top three categories are: Other Newspapers (typically city-based papers), New York Times Book Review and Book Review Magazines
  • 19% of readers use only digital sources
  • Bookstores and general magazines are significantly ahead of libraries
  • The Times is almost exclusively mentioned by UK residents; the New York Times merits only one mention by a UK resident
  • Readers cited a range of book review magazines and general magazines
  • I’ve checked various demographics but see little variation based on sex, age or annual volume of books read.

I believe the most significant insight is that 1 in 5 readers indicated that they only use digital sources. Stay tuned for further information!

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