Historical Fiction Survey – future topics

Wednesday’s post included the first report of results from a recent historical fiction survey. Many have expressed interest in further analysis, here’s a list of topics I have planned:

  • She Says He Says – a look at different perspectives of female and male respondents
  • Boom, Bust and Echo – how age plays a role in attitudes
  • High Volume Readers – implications from those who consume a lot of historical fiction
  • Favourite Authors Abound – the top 10 or 20 authors and more
  • Historical Fiction Would Be Better If – readers have a say in what detracts from their enjoyment
  • Historical Fiction Is Not For Me – top reasons cited against historical fiction
  • Technology Takes Over – favourite websites, blogs and social media sources for recommendations and discussion

Some topics will be easier to compile than others. I’ll post them as quickly as possible and will look forward to your thoughts and speculation.

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