Writing historical fiction – a unique world

In planning this blog, I’ve considered a range of potential topics. As I said in my first post, I want to concentrate on the writing of historical fiction so I’ve put together the following list of themes:

  • Writing historical fiction is different – challenges, process and unique aspects of writing historical fiction
  • Market for historical fiction – market attributes & dynamics, trends associated with historical fiction, positioning of historical fiction on the literary to commercial scale and the history of historical fiction
  • Authors of historical fiction – not their books but what they say about their writing process, the worlds they create, why they write this genre and so on
  • Writing about WWI – this is the time period I write about, an endless source of fascination and commentary
  • Sources – focus on those who write about historical fiction, books on the topic, those who review historical fiction, websites & blogs dedicated to historical fiction, historical fiction conferences and other places where people talk about historical fiction
  • Research – research process, personal favorites, range of information available and necessary, techniques

These are the themes for now. I’m sure they will morph as time goes along.

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