A few days ago over at One Writer’s Voice I wrote about blogging and strategy and concluded with a commitment to reset my own strategy for blogging and writing. Not an easy task, particularly when a new manuscript sings its siren call at all hours of the day.

An important component of my strategy is this new blog – A Writer of History. Through happenstance, luck, serendipity or whatever, I have become obsessed with writing historical fiction. The first novel – Lies Told in Silence – rests in my agent’s hands. The second novel – Unravelled – has intersecting characters to the first although you wouldn’t exactly call it a sequel. It’s almost agent ready, if he’ll take it on. My third – Blind Regret – is in between first and second drafts.

With a focus on historical fiction, it seems logical to create a blog to explore matters related to the writing, researching and reading of this genre. Blogs like Reading the Past do a wonderful job of presenting and critiquing historical fiction from a wide range of time periods but I want to focus on the writing of historical fiction as well as the market for historical fiction. Given that I write about WWI, I will sneak in posts on that topic as well.

So here we go, pressing the reset button.