Researching and writing novels set in either WWI or WWII has been a revelation for me. My novels explore the human dimension of ordinary people involved in extraordinary times – the profound effect of war on men and women, on relationships and friendships, on life and love.

War is an insidious beast that lingers long after the last shot is fired. Humanity is stretched to the breaking point. Definitions of right and wrong become unhinged and even carefully buried memories can erupt at a moment’s notice.

UNRAVELLED: Two wars. Two affairs. One marriage. is the first of my novels to be published. You can find it in paperback from Amazon (USCanada and elsewhere), and in e-book formats from AmazonNookKoboGoogle Play and on iTunes. More about UNRAVELLED here.

LIES TOLD IN SILENCE is a coming of age story set in WWI France. It will be published in Spring 2014, fitting since the novel opens in May 1914. More about it here.

A third novel, BLIND REGRET, is underway and briefly described here.

A few posts from my first blog, ONE WRITER’S VOICE, are mentioned here. And a few GUEST POSTS I’ve done elsewhere in the blogosphere are mentioned here.

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